The software “VOLNA” has the following capabilities:

1. Using of the electronic database with permissible scantling diminutions;


2. Downloading of a ship’s main data from RS Head Office database;

3. Image editor;

4. Working jointly with one report. Data synchronization.

5. Detailed information tips on thickness measurements (location and numbers of points);
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6. Possibility of drawing measurements on electronic sketches (connection of tables and sketches);

7. Calculation of the parameters of defects according to the Rules of the RS (dents, bays, corrugations, etc.);

8. UTM Report analysis providing statistical data (summary information on hull structures with average wear, minimum wear and etc.);

9. Calculation of hull items groups cross-sectional area reduction;


10. Repair analysis;

11. UTM Report conclusion;

12. Ship’s technical condition assessment.