Software “VOLNA” is developed in order to realize the following key principle – assessment of technical condition of ship’s hull at the survey period. Ship’s hull technical condition assessment is one of the main activities of a classification society regarding technical supervision of ship’s in operation.

“VOLNA” allows to fulfil different tasks regarding technical condition assessment of ship’s hull, ship’s arrangement, system pipeline, at least the following:


– to develop an enhanced survey program (for ESP ships) – this module is not available at this moment, is under development;
– to register, assess and report the results of measurements of residual thickness of hull structures;
– to evaluate the defects detected during the survey;
– to record and evaluate the results of the repair;
– to estimate the loss of the cross-sectional area of the hull;
– to record information upon the results of assessment of corrosion prevention system of ship’s compartments;
– to give summary information on hull items wear for further surveys (about substantial corrosion zones, items with excessive wear subject to repair, average wear of group of items, etc.).