The list of reporting documentation drawn up by VOLNA.

In general “VOLNA” generates 89 documents of different type.

All documents are generated in PDF format, for further storage and printing.

All documentation is generated in format А4 (210 х 297) mm. Landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the type of document.

The main reporting documentation, which is formed using the software “VOLNA”, is divided into 4 groups:
– Group 1 (registration of residual thickness measurements);
– Group 2 (registration of defects);
– Group 3 (analytical tables);
– Group 4 (registration of norms, i.e. permissible thickness diminutions etc.).

The program gives possibility to generate documents in the format prescribed by IACS unified requirements (IACS TM tabular forms and IACS CSR TM tabular forms.
There are 6 tabular forms which are generated according to the RS Rules:

1. Table RTM 1.1 – thickness measurements of ship’s hull items within transverse section;
2. Table RTM 1.2 / 1.2а – thickness measurements of ship’s hull plate elements;
3. Table RTM 1.3 – thickness measurements of ship’s hull transverse members;
4. Table RTM 1.4 / 1.4а – thickness measurements of miscellaneous elements of ship’s hull structures;
5. Table RTM 1.5 (S31) – thickness measurements of cargo hold shell frames and their end connections;
6. Table RTM 1.6 – measurements of the thickness of welded branch pipe fittings;
7. Table RTM 1.7 – measurements of the thickness of ship’s systems pipelines.

RS forms examples

Form 1.1.                                                                              Form 1.2.


Form. 1.2a.                                                                           Form 1.3.


Form 1.4.                                                                               Form 1.4a.


Form 1.5.                                                                               Form.1.6.


Form 1.7.